Prepping for your makeup trial...

Bring plenty of photos!

Inspiration pictures are always helpful, whether it be a board on Pinterest, magazine clippings or photos, having pictures of the styles that you like and want to incorporate into your bridal makeup gives your makeup artist a good starting point. You may have an image of how you want your makeup to look in your head, but often trying to describe this using words can lead to misinterpretation which can waste time during the trial with unnecessary adjustments.

If you have photos of your dress and colour theme this is also a great help as it will help us envisage the look of your big day and enable us to create a look that compliments this.

You will usually be asked to attend your trial with a makeup free face, therefore it is a good idea to have a selfie or two (no filters please) to show your MUA. It gives us an idea of the amount of makeup you wear daily, meaning we know how heavy or light you like to wear your makeup. 

Prepare your skin!

To get the best out of your makeup, it's important your skin is in its best condition. Whether you have dry, oily, combination or normal skin, we will use the products best suited for you. All we ask is that you do your bit too. We can colour correct and conceal, but we cannot change texture. Therefore, if you have some dry flaky areas, give your face a light exfoliation a couple of times in the week leading up the trial and of course the BIG DAY. Always remove your makeup before bed using a suitable cleanser and toner and don't forget to MOISTURISE.  
Talk to us...

This is key. Getting your makeup right is just as important to us as it is to you, if there is something you want to change then please tell us. We will not take offence...promise. At the end of the day, you are paying us for a service and we want to be sure you are completely happy before you walk out the door. 

Ahead of the big day...

The weeks before...
Make sure you are drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. Keep to a regular skin care regime, this is not the time to try new products, the last thing you want is to have an adverse reaction resulting in a rash or a breakout ahead of your wedding day.
Keep your lips soft and flake free by applying a lip balm regularly, you'll want your lips in top condition for all that kissing!

On the day...
Make sure that the morning of your wedding is stress free. Confirm your booking with all your suppliers, make sure you know what time they will be arriving, create a schedule and a list of contact numbers beforehand and give this to your head bridesmaid or another member of the wedding party you can trust. The last thing you want is to be chasing suppliers on the morning of the wedding.
Whether you are getting ready at home or at the venue, you want to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed. Where possible, it's a good idea to have a separate area you can have your hair and makeup applied, away from all the commotion. This gives you a chance to have a moment to yourself to collect your thoughts and enjoy being pampered!